Ladd v Warner Bros. – Straight-Lining The Package

Straight-lining is the practice of allocating a license for a package of films equally across all films in the package.  It may be fair and proper in some instances, or unfair and abusive in others. Producer Alan Ladd, Jr. is responsible (with others, of course) for such popular and even iconic motion pictures as Blade […]

What is Superman Really Worth?

Court holds contract price should reflect absence of reversion clause.  Can someone who leaps tall buildings in a single bound lose value if sidelined? It’s not often that courts are called upon to place a value on a superhero.  And not just any superhero, but Superman himself, the ultimate icon of the American superhero genre. […]

Weinstein Co. vs Smokewood – Beware What You Argue, It May Come Back to Haunt You

The film Push was the big prizewinner at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The Weinstein Company (TWC), after aggressive pursuit, thought they had a deal to distribute it. But when, instead, the film was sold to another film company, TWC brought a number of lawsuits, including one against the film’s financier (Weinstein Co. v. Smokewood […]

Sopranos Litigation Makes The Case For Following Best Practices

The final episode of the hit television series The Sopranos aired in June, 2007. The final episode of a five year court battle over the creation and profits of the series, however, didn’t play out until just before this past Christmas.1 Could this costly and distracting litigation have been avoided?  Maybe . . . if […]

New Fantasy Baseball Ruling May Impact Database Practices Generally

Does organized fantasy baseball require a license of Major League Baseball player names and records? In a case involving CDM Fantasy Sports, a federal district court in St. Louis has answered “no”. The Court’s decision potentially may change business practices not only in the fantasy sports industry, but in other businesses in which information is […]