Did Relativity Media Run a $100M “Romance Scam” on a Film Investor?

RKA Film Financing has sued a group of film executives and financiers claiming that they schemed with much-hyped film distributor Relativity Media to pull off a $100 million-plus fraud. Putting movie industry context side, RKA’s fraud allegation, in key respects, looks like a classic “Romance Scam”, in which the scammer: **       posts great-looking photos ** […]

“Bones” Complaints: Did Fox Properly Account for Hulu monies?

Twentieth Century Fox produces the hit TV series Bones for its broadcast network and also makes the series available on Hulu of which it is a one-third owner. Did Fox properly report and share monies it received from its license of Bones to Hulu?  Two complaints recently filed by revenue participants claim it did not.[1] […]

Change of Format Puts American Movie Classics in Breach of Cable Carriage Agreement

In the cable television business, there is inevitably tension between networks, which periodically reposition themselves to maintain and build a loyal audience, and cable operators, who seek a variety of programming on their channels to attract different audiences for their systems as a whole. This tension can be faced either up from, in prolonged and derailed […]