Listed below are examples of assignments that Mr. Doner has handled.


Representation of:
  • Mezzanine lender in financing of Academy Award winner for Best Motion Picture
  • Purchaser of revenue participation in well-known film library
  • A major international bank in workout of non-performing film loan portfolio
  • Lead investors in various multiparty financings
  • Creditor in enforcement of security interest and sale of collateral


Representation of:
  • Independent film distributors in home entertainment output arrangements with major film studios
  • Miscellaneous output and single picture / program distribution arrangements
  • European multi-territory distributor in numerous co-financings
  • Sales agent in preparing suite of binding short forms for use at film markets


In addition to conventional production matters, Mr. Doner has handled numerous specialized assignments, including:
  • Location agreement with commission overseeing Niagara Falls for photography of life threatening stunt in IMAX film
  • Extended after-hours location shoot in historic department store during construction of multi-story condominium
  • Placement of essential element risk for ailing, acclaimed above title film director


Representation of:
  • Major independent in acquisition of film rights in iconic book series
  • Bestselling British author in set-up of action book franchise for episodic television
  • Various parties in motion picture remake licenses
  • Major international publisher in licensing of motion picture rights to superhero properties
  • Major independent in purchase from bankruptcy estate of remake and sequel rights to hit movies


Representation of:
  • Top tier producers in film and series set ups with numerous networks and major studios
  • Platinum recording artists in film and television ventures
  • Award winning film director in pilot episode agreements
  • Well-known screenwriters in major studio agreements
  • Subjects in various reality TV agreements


Representation of:
  • Animation studios in numerous development and service agreements
  • Producer / rights holder in development of animation project based on illustrated children’s book by superstar musician


Representation of:
  • Numerous bestselling authors in statutory copyright terminations
  • Top tier film producer in rights analysis of screenplay dramatizing the life story of major literary figure
  • Estate of prolific science fiction writer in assertion of Rear Window rights against broadcast TV network


Mr. Doner has served as:
  • Entertainment specialist in divorce of high-profile husband/wife creative team
  • Expert witness on revenue participation in accounting lawsuit involving Academy Award winning film franchise
  • Producer’s rep for award-winning filmmaker
  • Advisor in adjustment of film production losses caused by 9/11 attack