Spamalot Profits and the Holy Grail: What is a Python’s Share?

Did the Pythons take a funny position? In 1974, the iconic British comedy troupe Monty Python scored big with their breakout movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (herein, Grail), produced by Mark Forstater and others.  In 2005, they scored again, with Spamalot, the Broadway musical adaptation of Grail. When it came to profits of Grail, producer Forstater, under the […]

Sopranos Litigation Makes The Case For Following Best Practices

The final episode of the hit television series The Sopranos aired in June, 2007. The final episode of a five year court battle over the creation and profits of the series, however, didn’t play out until just before this past Christmas.1 Could this costly and distracting litigation have been avoided?  Maybe . . . if […]